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What is this test?

The Complete Blood Count (CBC) is a group of tests performed on a single blood sample that tell us about the different kinds of cells in the blood (red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets).

A Complete Blood Count gives you an overall view of your health.

The test includes:

Red blood cells (RBC)
Red blood cells carry oxygen around your body. The test measures red blood cell numbers, size and how much haemoglobin they contain. This can show if you don’t have enough iron or certain vitamins that are needed to make haemoglobin which takes oxygen to your tissues (anaemia).

White blood cells (WBC)
White blood cells fight infection and play a role in immune responses such as inflammation and allergies.
Looking at the various different types of white cells is called a WBC Differential. Each cell type has its own job to do in fighting infection. Some mainly fight against bacteria, others are involved in allergic responses, while others produce antibodies, especially against viruses. Increased numbers of certain WBCs can help to pinpoint if an infection is caused by a bacteria or virus.

Platelets, which are important in blood clotting.
Low numbers of platelets can lead to excessive bruising or bleeding.

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